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Here is a list of exquisite beers which I have tasted so far.More to come in the future....
Chimay(Peres Trappistes): Trappist beer from Belgum - 8%vol Low/medium cost. Sold in Tesco,Waitrose.Very good!
Delirium tremens: (Brasserie Huyghe Brewery,Gent, Belgium, Tel 09/252.15.01), sold in Selfridges London.9% expensive (2 UK pounds per bottle).Cute label (pink elephants etc!). A good strong beer very nice. A good treat for winter....
Fraoch: Scottish Heather ale 5% Low cost Sold in Selfridges byHeather ale Ltd,Glasgow Scotland G11 6RD Taste the heather!
Tsingtao (Tsingtao,China): 5% vol low cost.Sold in Waitrose,chinese supermarket in china town (Gerrard street, London).Cheap okayish beer.
Thomas Hardy's Ale (Vintage 1996): Sold in Selfridges London. According to the Label of this beer in "The trumpet Major" Hardy describes Dorchester's Ale as "the most beautiful colour that the eye of an artist in beer could desire;full in body,yet brisk as a volcano,piquant,yet without a twang ;luminous as an autumn sunset;...".This beer lives up to this-deep red in colour, very strong at 12%..Brewed by Eldridge pope and Co. Plc Dorchester,Dorset.UK Probably the best beer in the world.
Two beers from the Wychwood Brewery Old Devil(4.7%) and Fiddler's Elbow(5.2%) Both are good beers-may be hard to find.
Samuel Smiths Imperial Stout at 7% this is a very good warming stout-ideal for winter.
Fullers 1997 Vintage Ale a good Bottle conditioned ale-not as strong (8.5%) as the hardy.(Waitrose sell it)
St sebastiaan Grand Cru Brewed by Sterkens in Belgium.A very good,but very expensive, beer.Bought from Selfridges.
Tangle Foot from the Badger Brewery.Okayish.
Hobgoblin from Wychwood.Great Beer!
Hill's Absinth (70% proof) Producted in the Czech republic,one of the few countries still making this drink.This is a very strong potent drink,usually dilute with water (about 1/2 water 1/2 absinthe is my favourite!-this is still as strong as vodka..) Taste? A pleasant herbal minty type of experence coupled with a huge sledge-hammer....O,yes this drink is banned in many areas of the globe (US,France for instance) but you can buy it if you live in the UK from here.
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