The Chatterbox Issue one (1997)

The CHIEF EDITOR: Anon. Place of publishing: my small room in anonimous street in the pathetically boring north of England in the UK (Electronic version posted from the UK)  For your contribution and opinion:- please e-mail to me.

(c)---public domain really,just as long as it is copied whole.If you want to send a copy to a friend please do,if you want to post a copy on a local BBS then go ahead.

Our objectives -------------- To write many kinds of actual stories or tell-tale stories for a bit of a chit-chat and hope my friendly readers will appreciate them with much pleasure.It is also to promote our friendship among all human beings and to maintain a peaceful relationship among all nations by means of laughters and tears.Your kind contribution to this newly established paper will be much appreciated too! No matter who you are,you are welcome to present your own stories or talks in order to survive in this depressing and stressful world.YES! This paper is quite similar to activities which are going on at the "Speakers corner" of Hyde Park in London. *{CAUTION!}:Some(or possibly many) of the talks may contain complaints of the writers or anger-motivated talks.However we do hope you will try to understand their feelings as much as we do as great friends.Also there may be quite a few boring bits as well.

----------------------------------------------------------------- * Did you know there are many stupid young mothers in Japan who have little knowledge about the facts of pregnancy? Here are some of the questions they asked... Mother A "I have a constant trouble with my diarrhoea,and I get very worried about my foetus that it might be flushed down with the excrement" Mother B " I wonder if my foetus finds it ticklish when I am having my arse washed with the anus washer?...."

* The editor of this paper had a trivial problem over her indecisiveness in choosing suitable basic cosmetic products for her skin.She was so surprised to see so many kinds of products available to Japanese women,no wonder most of them are extremely keen on keeping their skin supple and white but not as white as those of white women,she presumed.Anyway,what usually happens is that she goes in to her local chemist and keeps looking at different kinds cosmetics,which does not result in buying one or two,as there are too many to choose from.But one day after getting tense and sweating a lot due to the embarrassment which she caused by hanging around the place for more than half an hour,she was saved by a kind sales-lady who approached her to ask what she really wanted.I said,"I was just looking for a skin toner/lotion which gives my skin astringent and fresh effects,since I obviously sweat a lot".Then the lady brought some bottles of lotion which might suit her skin ,after a quick glance she decided to buy one of them.At last,she found a good toner for her skin.An interesting thing was that it was a reasonable price for that stuff.After all,she was not aware of the facts that all cosmetic products in Japan had a range of prices from top to bottom.

* As this years statistics reveals,there are 250,000 entrance exam rejectees(=high school students who failed in university entrance exams,Rohninsei) in Japan.

1.Try to think of nasty sarcastic jokes/comments on the interviewers.
2.If you find some other candidates nervous and irritating,be bold and try to act outrageously and obnoxiously like breaking wind aloud so that they get more nervous and irritated by your zany behaviour and they might get a fixation.
3.Try to say whatever you feel like saying in front of the interviewers.
4.Act Boldly and cheekily as if you were their V.I.P customer. Well,I hope you'll find this advice useful in the near future.Believe me,it's much better acting like this than going through that horrendous nail-biting experience of waiting your turn with tension.
* A trivial comment *
I was quite annoyed with this bus driver of a driving school where I go to the other day. What happened was that when a young man got onto the bus,he was told off by this driver that he mustn't be chewing a gum on the bus.I just couldn't help wondering why he shouldn't be doing so. I mean,I have quite a few times(secretly!)How could anybody enjoy going to that bloody boring school with so many regulations? Every time we get into the bus,we more or less have to utter a kind of Japanese greeting phrase "Onegai-shimasu" for gratitude for taking us to the school by the bus free of charge and almost the same thing when we get off "arigato-gozaimashita".Isn't it crazy?After all,it's we who pay quite a large amount of tuition fees to these dick heads.This really pisses me off.I hate that school,every time when I go there,I always have to worry about my health in that environment in which so many smokers are hanging around with cigarettes in their hands and non-smokers can't do anything about it.So why does a stick of chewing gum bother them??

To the Readers.... We do hope you will keep reading our occasional paper.Though we try our best,we can't always guarantee the best quality paper.
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