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Elton John & Billy Joel Face to Face tour concert at Wembly Stadium

It was the first concert I went in the twenty something years of my life.I didn't know what to expect from them. Anyway I thought it would be an interesting experience for Ian and myself,so off we went to Wembley. I found the place bit dump and as soon as I arrived,I started whinging about the place in general. Besides we got mass of people joining the same road with us,which double triggered my irritability. It was fairly humid as well and I was getting hungry.It's usually a bad sign for me if I am not fed.. We arrived at the Stadium to find lot of people already sitting on the lawn,some of the munching take aways which made my stomach gargle.The concert was supposed to start from 6:30 or something but was later told that it would start sometime after 8pm.We thought we had to grab something to eat at least before the concert, so we had chinese stir fried noodle. As we didn't find it comfortable walking outside the stadium, we went inside and sat on our seats.I wasn't impressed with seat location which was situated at the dead centre of the stadium for ad hoc use,as we barely could see the stage. Quite a few people around us were chain smoking,which obviously didn't help the matter. From the beginning,I had a nasty feeling about these people and the place. Anyway the conert started just after 8:15pm with the song"Love lies bleeding in my heart", which was good. But the first loud acoustic sound echoing around the stadium completely knocked off my ears and one of my ears had gone deaf.I was never exposed to this massive amount of noise before,I guess it would have to be that loud with any rock concert,but I don't think it would do ears any good.No wonder quite a few musicans and composers had gone deaf..... One pity thing about the concert was that Bily Joel was unable to perform with Elton John because of the throat infection he got.It would have been more exciting concert had he been there. Still I thought in general Elton John's performance was super,he was very generous to hold the concert over 3 hours. Apart from some mindless people who kept smoking and drinking,it was generally a good event for both of us. But why is it that many people ended up nipping off to get more booze and food on numerous occasions? Can't they stay and appreciate his performance rather than nipping off to and fro? I think that's an insult to the musicians who are performing their art.It's very sad..... Perhaps next time I would rather stay home and listen to CDs rather than going out there just to see some ugly bottoms dancing in front of me. But thank you, Elton John, for the memorable evening!

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