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Amongst all listed here,I just managed to finish only a few, I know it's pathetic..But most of the time especially when I was playing the 3D games such as Doom,or the rise of the triad,I'd get so sick after playing only for a couple of minutes and (esp.when I get carried away) end up throwing up.....(sorry,if you are in the middle of your meal..) It's like I constantly need to take some kind of travel sickness tablets everytime I want to play these games.I love playing gruesome games yet I can't play them for longer than at most 15 minutes...

Ian's selection:

Icons and Texture Background

Here are some useful sites for those who would like to get some hip tiles, icons and backgrounds for their webpages.We are deeply indebted to some generous people in the various websites below for their fabulous works they've done.

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