We hope you will find something of interest here.We strive to make every effort not to make our Homepage look like a product of ostentation and egocentricity.Even then if you do not like it,well all we can say to you is tough tiddy. However we hope we would come across some curious readers who are generous enough to see what our Homepage is like,or others whose primary intention is not to encounter a tediously idiocyncratic homepage like ours but something completely different.Such is modern life with overpopulated nations... Anyway for those who care for browsing this Homepage at ease,a warm welcome! Please feel free to have a browse at any page. We will keep updating this homepage constantly!

I was not motivated to participate in this silly homepage production at first,since I have seen countless homepages where some show their new-born baby in their homepages with so much overzealousness and some nauseating background pictures. However I was finally persuaded by my chum to do this Homepage at least for the sake of some people who are waiting for me to write a continuous series of the Chatterbox (personally,I don't think they will enjoy as much as they used to ,but what the hell!). So here is my brief profile. I am the editor of the Chatterbox,a Ezine which is about life in general,life in Japan,and whatever I feel would be of some interest for general readers.I wish to make it clear to some Japanese readers(if any) who probably have no idea of how my name is spelt that my name,Shino is spelt with the same chinese characters as that of Shino pottery (which are often admired by tea masters and my father, and used at tea ceremony as well as other pottery such as Shigaraki,Bizen and so forth).My name is 100% genuine, not other kinds of Shinos which are spelt out of mediocre characters, and I'm proud of it! However, whether or not the beautiful and simple characteristics of Shino pottery corresponds with my character, I dread to think much to my parents'despair. I studied Philosophy at Hull University-particular fields of interest are Racism,Immanuel Kant and others. I work for The Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi in the City. I am a big fan of Elton John and Perfume.I also like listening to Classical music for mental relaxation. I have recently developed some interest in Art( paintings etc),possibly from my father who is a great enthusiast and studies and does his own paintings by himself in the remote countryside of Japan. Whether or not I've inherited his gene for art,that's another story.... Pet peeves include people of no sensitivity and decency,and nosy-parkers who keep asking me incredibly silly and interrogative questions about my personal life ...

I studied,like Shino,Philosophy at Hull-my areas of interest include Wittgenstein,Logic,and a couple more which I can't be bothered to put in right now! I used to work as a Unix System Admin at BNFL.Now I'm working for Helaba in the City. I am a fan of Monty Python,Manga and the JapaneseLanguage.Pet Peeves include techno "music" (God I REALLY hate that sh*t,according to Shino these are not 'music' but 'racket'),others include people asking me stupid questions about computers..I might put some information on Linux on this site..... I am interested in old computers! Why not try our little speciality,the Blood,Death and Torture page... BUT BE WARNED-It is not for the faint hearted!!

  • A bit of Ian and Shino:
  • Ian (Easy-peasy going wind bag) used to collect loads of books on Mysticism,Black magic,and medieval torture,but was later forced to sell all of them to second-hand bookshop by his mother. He likes quietly meditating in a private room facing the wall and is a bookworm! wibble ..wibble..wibble...... Psychological type- ENTJ.
    Shino ( burning perfectionist and retentive avenger) is hopeless when things go wrong or when she is in fit of rage.She is normally a very pleasant person,but once she sees red it takes at least half a day for her to calm down.She loathed schools,but enjoyed her university years.She is also nicknamed Musky,Cherry blossom,Sweet(sweep)pea,and Munchkin despite the fact that she is 5ft 7in (or higher).She is good at nagging spoilt brats. Her favourite phrase - "I'm the cleaner". She lives on heaps of caffeine and paracetamols. Psychological type- INTJ.
    Both of us are Tea and Coffee lovers....
    Do you fancy Russian composers ?
    Have a look at Shino's Psychology Room - more to be added in due course...
    For combatting frustration,why not try Doom,Rise of the Triad, and many more gruesome stuff and get a bucket ready for use in case something goes wrong!
    Trial of Some useful Search engines (may be some problems!)
    Are you feeling paranoid?
    Ian's Relation Corner
    : Ian's father

    More Verbal Diarrhoea

    Recently, I've developed more pages partly because of daily ennui and of request from my friend who is into environmental studies.Don't call me a "sad person",I'm sure you could find more people who are worse than myself.I'm at least trying making myself of some use to some people.If you notice,many of the stuff on the internet are primarily for self-advertisement to claim how great you are,how nauseating you are,how talented you are, and how pretentious you are etc..... What's the purpose of those?,I'd like to know. I find some really good stuff at various universities which I probably wouldn't be able to have access to without going over there while searching for loads of academic materials. Academically, it is very useful to have this kind of facility as they are there to provide some useful information for each individual's need.But I'm not sure about other categories of web sites which is obviously for self-advertisement only.
    My objective in participation of web paging is to provide as wide a range as possible in many interesting topics and to learn loads of knowledge from other people from various backgrounds.I've got a compulsive mind about certain things and know I've got to create my web page into a better form as time goes by. This is my first encounter with the internet and I'm creating my stuff,including Ian's with my own ideas without relying much on web design kits.Background tiles and icons are the only materials I have to get from other people's archives and I'm very indebted to those who designed great tiles and icons. At the moment,I think I've just managed to update my homepage to a reasonable standard so far,and I'm doing O.K. I know it'll take time,at the moment I've been experimenting with lots of ideas and juxtaposing one with the other. My homepage is certainly not a state of the art work but I just hope people who are coincidentally or kindly visiting my homepage will appreciate my good will.Thanks for visiting!!

    Best Regards from Shino

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