Welcome to Ian's mad readers! The aim of these page is to give foreign learners of Japanese information on real Japanese books,with the view to making reading Japanese rather less of a struggle.I have also found most learner books rather boring-this is becoming less of a problem now!

As usual this sort of thing cannot happen over-night;this project is going to be very long term in nature.I guess if you visit this page every couple of months you should either find something new or at least updated.

Personally I am interested in Manga and Classical Japanese Literature-I would not rule other forms out-I will try to provide a wide range.


At the moment I have a "demo" version of Rama 1/2 which you can view by clicking here (you will need a Japanese Browser to view it) or in a zip file here.

My Manga collection consists of DNA vols 1-5,Video girl Ai volume one, Doremon vols 3,4,5,6.All should appear over the next year or so.


On the classical side I have Ise Monogatari and volume one of Genji Monogatari.Ise will be the first to appear,Genji due to its size will possibly require special treatment and might not appear at all. This will be on a seperate page


I have novels by Kawabata and Mishima-they may appear on a chapter by chapter basis.

You may ask why I am doing this-my answer is simple.What I am putting on here is simply my notes which I have created in studying these texts-I hope that they may be of use to somebody!
Page updated on 19/11/98 by Ian