Marlow    Grave   Page

This page has various photos I took of St Nicolas Church in Depford,the site of  Marlow's unmarked
     The first photo is of the Church gates with it's pair of grinning skull's....

The church building is in two distict sections, a very old steeple connected to a more
modern building (possibly Victorian?)


Here is the plaque on the wall of the churchyard...

And here is a general view of the grave area...


More will be added soon.
If you want to pay a visit here are some directions...
I use the Docklands light railway to get to the cutty sark,at the cutty sark turn
into  creek road (look for the "up the creek comedy club",you should be on
the opposite side),walk.You will cross over Depford Creek,after 15-20 minutes
or so of walking you will come to the Creek Clinic.Walk past and turn into
McMillan street,St Nicolas Church will be in front towards the left.The Churchyard
is usually open (it has been on the two times I was there) but the Church is
locked shut and so far I have not been inside.

By Ian 1/10/2000