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Olfactory composition of perfume can be found at The Good Scents Company ,which gives you some ideas about what your favourite perfume consists of.You can find vast majority of perfume by well-known brands.(however there are some perfume of which olfactory composition is not specified)
The Fragrance Foundation
World Perfume Centre
A view of Perfume
La parfumerie du Faubourg
Neuroscience and Olfaction - Classification des perfums hesperidee
The Science Museum of Minnesota
A Geography of Smell
Aveda has a list of interesting natural oils and perfume which are somewhat native and unique.
Alternatively if you prefer natural scents,try Natural Gift - a guide to aromatherapy
Tisserand Aromatherapy
Nature's Gifts
Have you ever wondered what kinds of Chemical compounds your skincare products might have contained,or have you been a sceptical about the latest technology-laden 'miracle' lotion or cream? -Here is my new page for sceptics who want to know What's in a bottle.
Have a browse at Vogue magazine for the latest fashion news.
GQ on-line
Urban Decay - for vamp lovers!
Some Tips for finding a right perfume for you
For more fashion sites, go to the bottom of this page!

Perfume: Winter collection 

For perfume hunting, it's best to start off with any accessible stuff you'd find aroud you. Whether or not they are heavily hyped, it doesn't really matter.The most crucial thing is that you like the content itself. Here is a list of perfumes which I thought would be suitable for this season. Apology for anyone who are looking for Fougere/Chypre types, since I'm a Floral/Oriental fanatic most of the time.
Chanel's Allure: floral/woody/oriental, hard to define..
Elizabeth Arden's 5th Avenue: A fresh floral and semi-oriental note,captures the scene of New York.
Bvlgari Eau Perfumee: Sambac Jasmine, tea as original note,soothingly green and fresh fragrance
Givenchy's Organza: A warm and floral scent with exotic note of amber,mace and nutmeg.
Guerlain's Jardins de Bagatelle : A bright floral and light citrus with a blend of tuberose,gardenia,jasmine and neroli,inspired by the wood forest Jean-Paul Guerlain loved.
Guerlain's Champ-Elysees : A fruity and floral note, captures the scene of Paris,mimosa as its heart note.
Monsoon's Shimo :
 The latest perfume from Monsoon,a blend of Indian rose, jasmine,lychee,bergamot,golden apricot and soft gardenia.A warm yet exotic floral scent,roses at its heart.
Ralph Lauren's Polo Sport Woman :
The latest fragrance from Ralph Lauren, its citrus/fresh note is most suited for people who like doing out-door sports.
Nina Ricci's Les Belles de Ricci :
The latest perfume from Nina Ricci,a blend of light floral and green notes such as raspberry and tomatoes.
YSL's Rive Gauche :
 This fragrance is of aldehydic element like Chanel No.5, however it has some nice refreshing green note as well as floral notes.

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Never buy a perfume by having seen your friend or other people wearing it. You might get to like it at first,but gradually you could develope your own sense of smell,which might not be compatible with the one you've bought. You should realise that what your friend likes might not necesarily be the one you like.
Try on your wrist or any other part of your body. Wait for a few minutes until it evaporates,and experience each note by every half an hour as it changes from top note, middle note and to last note. Ideally you should see yourself with the perfume for a day or so whehter or not you think you can tolerate and live with the perfume for long.
Perfumes can be perceived in various ways in accordance with people's taste, temperature and other spatio-temporal circumstances.Hence you have to be careful ,for instance,not to wear rich and heavy perfume for eating out occasions,which might put off your apetite and spoil the nice aroma of meal.You also have to be aware of other people at present not to cause any unpleasant feeling for them.As time goes by, you should be able to figure it out yourself for each occasion. For such occasion, a light neutral perfume would be suitable and so on.
Try to get to know perfume in as wide a range as possible,that way you would gradually develope your own sophisticated system of sense. It is like training your nose for distinguishing one scent from another.
Try not to get influenced by extravagant advertisement of perfume industry.By using favourable supermodels and actors,they attempt to attract people's attention. Try not to think of buying a perfume advertised by your favourite brand or character straightaway without testing and seeing it yourself at first.
Be certain about what you like and don't like.
Take your time in finding a right kind of perfume for yourself exclusively.
Many of the perfume can be expensive.However,they are often products of creative and imaginative art which come in intriguing bottles.We most of the time end up paying for the cost of artistically designed bottles.
Be aware of counterfeit perfume. It is always best to buy perfume at recognised department stores and chemists.
How to wear perfume: (1) the best place to spray perfume is any vein area around your body esp. around your wrists,inner arms,chest,thighs and legs, where the highest temperature is maintained(and this is where the perfume can be enhanced and smelt straight after you have worn it).Try spraying the perfume on one or two areas,and for long lasting smell spray it on other low temperature areas.The idea is that you get at least one obvious area of scent and another for weak and long lasting effect.
(2) Avoid spraying it on areas which are easily exposed to the sun.
(3) Avoid sparying it around the face and close area where the sense of smell is acutely sensitive.
(4) Avoid mixing with other perfume.
(5) Avoid spraying it over some garment such as silk,or it might cause some marks.
(6) Avoid wearing perfume during the course of any ailment, esp.a period when you tend to have more sensitive sense of smell than usual.
(7) Avoid wearing perfume during travel esp.if you easily get travel sickness.
For hot summer days: Keep light and refreshing perfume such as eau de cologne in the fridge so that you can splash and experience nice and cool sensation on a hot day.I use Yardley's Lavender cologne spray.
Some people who know about perfume would know the moderation to how much one can wear perfume for a day without any excess. Usually you should get a faint whiff of perfume passing by.
Perfume should be appreciated as a form of art as well as of fashion.
More tips and other related information about perfume can be obtained at The Fragrance Foundation. - It could give you some brief ideas about the history of perfume etc.... Very interesting site for those who want to know perfume in more details.
Having said that,there are some people who cannot appreciate perfume due to their allergic reaction they could suffer by sniffing even a slight whiff of perfume. Unlike ancient traditions,perfume are nowadays made out of various chemical substances which can subtitute for natural ingredients(that's part of the reason why it is cheaper to buy perfumes of chemical origin rather of pure natural origin which cost more).Nevertheless,for people with an allergy to perfume it can be a horrendous experience to come across women/men with a whiff of strong perfume/deodorant/aftershave no matter what their products are made out of. The best way to wear perfume without offending people in general would be to avoid wearing it too much.This is something you have to justify yourself how much you can wear each day,depending on various factors such as weather conditions,your daily routines,and your daily health.We cannot change the allergic people,but at least we can maintain moderate manners about wearing perfume.
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