Some information and resources on Race and Racism

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  • One good source of information is the Commission for Racial Equality(CRE). This organisation will tell you what Racism is about and how we can prevent many racially motivated attacks on people of minorities.
  • Sir W.L.S.Churchill(1874-1965) was a great stateman and a war time hero.However,it is recently revealed that he was one of few people who held similar views with Sir Francis Galton. His belief is stated as follows: "the unnatural and increasingly rapid growth of the feeble-minded and insane classes,coupled as it is with steady restriction among all the thrifty,energetic and superior stocks constitutes a national and race danger which it is impossible to exaggerate.I feel that the source from which the stream of madness is fed should be cut off and sealed off before another year has passed." ( taken from page 9 of The Language of the Genes by Prof.Steve Jones,published by Flamingo,London 1994)
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