Social Sciences Corner
This page aims to provide various topics of social sciences which include sociology,anthropology,philosophy of social sciences,and other affiliated studies.

General Resources on Social Sciences

ESRC (Economic and Social Research Council)



SOSIG (Social Sciences Information Gateway)
maintained by the University of Bristol



The WWW Virtual Library : Sociology



Sociology in the UK
maintained by the University of Surrey,it has links to all departments of sociology in the UK



The SocioWeb

College of Social Science, Michigan State University



Anthropology and Area Studies

Native American Homepage
by Lisa Mitten at the University of Pittsburgh,this has excellent sources and links to Native American culture and people

Nipmuc Indian Association of Connecticut
It has all the links to Native American websites



Ethnic Relations and Cultural studies

 National Civil Rights Museum
this place is located near the spot where Dr.Martin Luther King,Jr was assassinated



Sociology and other affiliated social studies

A Sociological Tour Through Cyberspace
by Prof.M.C.Kearl at Trinity University, this has a set of good links to sociology and other interesting studies such as thanatology.



Social Studies Faculty Homepage at Oxford



Nuffield College, Oxford Homepage
a college for postgraduate studies at the University of Oxford



Progressive Sociologists @ CSF



Women's Studies

Humanities and Social Sciences links

Charles Darwin
Race abd Racism
Philosophy:hall of Minerva
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