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The list of Tea brands in the UK and other countries

Most of the tea brands are British , otherwise specified.

Apparently this is the only tea company which holds a set of 3 Royal Warrants namely Her Marjesty the Queen, HRH The Prince of Wales, and HRH the Queen Mother.I've never had any chance to buy the product since I'm just happy with what I've got in the kitchen.
One of the unique tea sold in America.They produce many caffeine free fruit teas,one of their originality is Constant Comment.
Brook Bond Tea
I've never had any happy experience with Brook Bond tea- I always remember my father receiving a box set of Brook Bond tea bags from his collegue as a seasonal gift,almost every year.One should be happy with what was given,but I was never content with the taste and I won't be bothered to buy one either.
Clipper Teas
Crabtree & Evelyn
This company is usually distinguished for their toiletries products,but it also sells comestibles,tea and coffee products.
Dallmayr(Germany) They have some fabulous fruit teas with exotic flavours.
Davison Newman and Co.
This is the company which was dealing with tea exports to the U.S.at the height of Boston Tea Party,many of their tea chests were thrown out of the ship.
Dilmah(Sri Lanka)
Based in columbo,Sri Lanka. All the tea products are blended solely with Ceylon, freshly packed and exported directly to various countries.
I'm not sure why products by Fauchon are hip in Japan,but when I saw some last time there were quite a few fruit teas of which ingredient I've never come across.They sell Amanatsu (=Japanese large orange) and Sakura(=Japanese Cherry Blossom) flavoured tea as well as somewhat obscure named tea with Cassis in it. Cunning way to win over Japanese customers!Available at Selfridges,London.
Established in 1909 by Ms Gertrude H.Ford,tea taster and blender.The tea bags are well-known for its colourful tag and round soft paper bag.
Fortnum & Mason
181 Piccadilly,London W1A 1ER (Tel:0171-734-8040) It is inevitably known to common Londoners that this is one of the popular venues for faddy Japanese tourists on the shopping spree. Seeing so many tourists buying heaps of tins of F&M's Royal Blend makes me wonder if they know anything about tea at all.wouldn't it better if they bought packets of Royal Blend instead of tins?(Sigh) Anyway it is true that it is worth visiting this shop at least once in the lifetime,if you are foodie like me. They have an excellent range of teas and coffees from all over the world along with lavishing selection of food and delicacies. You can get hold of some of rare quality or Highgrove teas all of which are expensive in comparison with others,but this is one of the rare chance to try some extraordinary teas. I personally recommend rare quality teas because I think they are one of the tastiest and unusual products. They now do mail order as well.
Harrods A selection of Harrods brand's tea.
Heath and Heather
They sell various flavours of herbal teas. They are often sold at many heath food shops as well some selected supermarkets.
One of the best-selling tea,Earl Grey was originated from here.It is told that a British diplomat serving in China brought intriguing tea back to Earl Grey,whose name later became known with reproduction of that tea from the orient by Jacksons.
Sir Thomas Lipton first started selling his tea at his grocery shop in 1889 and soon or later its original blend tea came widespread around the world.
Lyons Tea
Established in 1894.Originally a coffee house, gradually their teas became popular and distinguished for its high quality and taste among the public.
Mariage Freres(France)
Established in 1854. Possibly one of the most expensive tea.
It is one of the finest tea company established in 1812 in Edinburgh,Scotland.The products are available mainly at large department stores in London such as Selfridges.
They are widely available in many countries, and their specialities are herbal tea bags and soluble tea granule.
Like other prominent tea companies in the UK, their products are mainly available at large department stores in London. One of their specialities is H.M.B.(Her Majesty's Blend): dedicated exclusively to Queen Victoria at her request. The grade of the tea leaf is TGFOP(Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe),one of the superb quality.
Tea Boutique(Germany)
Tetley Tea
Established in 1825, now a widely recognised by the British public as popular choice.
South way,Andover,Hants SP10 5AQ (Tel:01264-334477) It is one of the widely available tea products in the UK,most large departments,and supermarkets such as Safeway and Tesco have selection of products in stock.I'm quite sure that many people are happy to buy this range at very reasonable price.The taste is excellent as well.The latest herbal tea and fruit infusion products are also availble from many large supermarkets and health food shops,and the interesting thing about this range is that you can get some assorted packs of 3 or more different flavours so that you don't have to struggle any more to finish all same flavour for 20 times.
Josiah Wedgwood established Wedgwood company in 1759 which has become globally well-known for their original fine bone china,and the company has started selling their own brand's tea with Beatrix potter's Peter Rabbit animations. Personally I prefer fine bone china...
Genealogical facts about Josiah Wedgwood I :
Josiah Wedgwood I (1730-1795) had 5 children one of whom, Susannah (1765-1817)married Robert Waring Darwin(1766-1848), a physician of Shrewsbury.
Susannah and Robert Waring Darwin had 6 children one of whom, Charles Robert Darwin(1809-1882) later turned out to be the naturalist who hesitatingly published a controversial work of the time,On the Origin of species by Means of Natural Selection in 1859.
Charles R.Darwin married Emma Wedgwood(1808-1896), his cousin and a grand-daughter of Josiah Wedgwood I. They were both grandchildren of Josiah Wedgwood I.
This company sells tea time comestibles as well as selection of tea.Available at Selfridges,London.
Whittard of Chelsea 73,Northcote Road,London SW11 6PJ (for mail order- telephone :0171-924-1888; fax 0171-924-3085)
There are many branches in the UK and for London location, there are quite a few as well. You can get a wide range of teas,coffees and other miscellaneous tea time goodies.If you are chocoholic like Ian, you might enjoy Whittard's Chocolate coated espresso beans available in 5 choices.Or if you are a tea aficionado like myself,why not try some unique house specialities like Lady Grey,Whittard Original,or Vintage Darjeeling,one of the best.They also have various China tea in several strength and smooth flavours along with Scented exotic tea which are available in more than 10 flavours.
There are certainly more tea brands I probably haven't come across,so if you cannot find what you are looking for in this page, many apologies....

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